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The 3 Biggest Post-COVID Changes

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Here are the three biggest changes we’re seeing in a post-COVID world.COVID has had a major effect on the real estate market and millions of people’s health. If you live in Texas, “snowvid” may have also affected you recently. With these major issues mostl...

Federal Eviction Moratorium Update

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Here’s the latest update about the federal eviction moratorium extension.In case you’re unaware, the Biden administration extended the federal eviction moratorium until June 30. That means if you have a tenant or resident who makes under $98,000 as an individual or 19...

What New Regulations and Expectations Mean for Property Management

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New regulations mean things will likely change for property management.With the turbulence of our market, many people have been wondering about the future of property management. To put it simply, I think it’s going to be a great investment for anyone who owns properties. I...

How Property Management Is Affected by Odd Events

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Here’s how property management has been affected by all these odd events.How do natural disasters, black swan events, and other strange things like that affect property management? In 2020 and 2021, especially in Texas, we’ve experienced many crazy events. Of course, ...

A Hot Seller’s Market Impacts Property Management

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Here’s how a hot seller’s market can affect property management.How does a hot seller’s market affect property management? First, your days on market will decrease. In other words, the number of days it takes to lease out a house will fall dramatically, which is...

How the Wealth Gap Is Affecting Real Estate Investors

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Here’s a closer look at how the wealth gap is creating problems.Today I want to talk about a really big issue in the real estate investment world and society in general: the wealth gap. The difference between the haves and the have nots has never been wider than it is now i...

The Changes in Air Conditioning

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The way HVACs are cooled has changed; here’s how that impacts you.If you’re like the hundreds of people I know, you may be worried about the phasing out of R-22 Freon. The removal of R-22 Freon from the market is a huge deal because now air conditioners will have to u...

Tips for Selling Rental Property

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>/p>Here are a few options for selling your rental property(ies).Rental properties are great for investors—until they’re not. Rentals can make money or lose it, but regardless, if you need to sell it, then you need to sell it. When you find yourself needing to l...

How Much Should You Lease Your Property For?

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Here’s my advice on how much you should lease a property for.How much should you lease your property for? My advice is to lease it at or slightly below the market rate. Leasing it higher than that is probably the biggest mistake that property owners make.For example, suppo...
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