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What’s Our 4-Step Eviction Process?

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When we need to evict a tenant, we follow a four-step process.If you have a tenant who is late on their rent or violates their leasing agreement, an eviction may be in order. Although we don’t evict every tenant, we always give the tenant notice if they’re late on t...

What Is Our Tenant Screening Process?

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Here’s how we help you find the best tenants for your investment property.Today I’m providing a quick introduction to our tenant screening process. Getting applications, handling them properly, and finding you the best, qualified tenants for your investment property ...

The 2 Steps for Converting an Airbnb Into a Long-Term Rental

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I’m sharing two essential steps to convert your Airbnb into a long-term rental property.Before the health crisis, there were many great reasons to have an Airbnb property, one of which being the excellent profits you could make from it. However, Airbnbs were always high ri...

How We’re Handling COVID-19’s Effect on Your Investment

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The world has changed, so we’re rolling with the punches and doing what needs to be done to mitigate the pandemic’s effect on your investment.First, in this crazy time, I want to extend my good wishes and prayers to you and your family, hoping that your physical and ...

Property Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Here’s an overview of how the coronavirus has impacted the property management business.Just like the rest of the real estate world, the coronavirus has had a considerable impact on property management. Today I’ll give you a quick rundown of what landlords, investors...

Why Choose Peace of Mind Property Management?

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There are three reasons why you should choose Peace of Mind Property Management as your property management partner.Why should you choose Peace of Mind Property Management as your property management partner? There are three key reasons: 1. Your clients will remain your clients...

6 Great Home Technologies

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I’m sharing six home technologies that can make your life easier and safer.These days we can have some exciting technology in our homes. If you don’t have these, you may want to consider them. These technologies can make your life easier and safer. 1. Amazon Echo Fa...

Tech-Savvy Management Keeps Tenants Happy

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We must give our tenants the best experience. It’s all about implementing technology.Though I say this a lot, it’s so true: It’s not 1990 anymore. We must offer automated systems for our tenants.When we peruse rating systems like Google and Yelp, we see consist...

Happy Valentine’s Day From Peace of Mind Property Management

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Wishing you a happy Valentine’s DayOn behalf of everyone at Peace of Mind Property Management: happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a great day with your significant other. Remember: If you have any real estate questions or there’s anything at all I...
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