HOA Referral Program

Let us be your Resource in Property Management

HOA Referral Program

At Peace of Mind Property Management we value being part of successful team.  Relationships are critical to us and we prioritize effective communication to preserve the professional reputations all parties have worked so hard to achieve.  To support this we created our HOA Referral Program, enabling HOAs and their employees to concentrate on their duties while we focus on the residents renting in your communities.  

Our exclusive specialization in property management at Peace of Mind Property Management allows us to offer a comprehensive HOA Referral program when you refer your home owners to using our services. We are dedicated to providing the same level of care and attention that you would personally provide to your clients. Our focus lies in delivering a complete property management solution, handling all aspects of property management from start to finish. Consequently, when you refer your owners to us, you can rest assured that their home will be in equal or even better condition than when you last interacted with it.

  • HOA friendly.  We dedicate part of our business to specializing working with HOAs to understand their pain points and be a great business partner.
  • Flexible in partnership details.  Let us know how to help you the best.  We can sponsor company breakfast, coordinate certain services for certain residents, etc.
  • Our rental homes have less than a 1% eviction rate
  • Before and after pictures for all of our homes show us how our residents are keeping up with their homes. 
  • Direct contact information if you need to reach us for violations.

Our pledge is to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to your community and home owners. 

Consider us your go-to resource for all your property management needs. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities of working together synergistically, combining our complementary services for mutual benefit.