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What Will 2022 Look Like for Property Managers?

What Will 2022 Look Like for Property Managers?

Here are a few trends property managers should look out for in 2022.

Today I want to talk about what trends we’ll see in property management for 2022. Last year was crazy for real estate, so how will that affect your properties?

Early signs show that 2022 will be a year of increases. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it’s bad, but increases are coming either way. Homes have just appreciated too much for taxes not to increase along with them. This means rents will likely have to go up as well. On top of this, the cost of supplies and labor has increased, so maintenance costs will increase too. 

However, increases won’t be all we see in 2022. Technology will continue to become more important in our business; in fact, it’s already here. We’re seeing sensors that detect leaks or breaking glass hit the market. As they become more common, management issues will be easier to avoid. 

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