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What Is Geographic Competency?

What Is Geographic Competency?

Nowadays, real estate agents really need to be competent in a defined area.

What is geographic competency? About two years ago, TREC, the Texas Real Estate Commission, said that Realtors now need geographic competency. That is not the same as residency. Before, if an agent had residency in Texas, they could still earn commission in different areas. For example, they might live in the Panhandle and get a commission in South Padre.

Now they really look for geographic competency. That means that if I live in San Antonio and sell real estate in San Antonio, I shouldn't be going down to South Padre or the Panhandle and trying to get business. You need to have competency in an area and know the area of real estate that you're practicing. For example, if somebody doesn't know about ranching, they shouldn't be selling ranches.

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