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Renting Your Home in Inwood

Information about Inwood can help make or break your property advertisement and tenant appointments. Potential renters want to be sure they’re making a good investment by joining hands with a knowledgeable and responsive landlord.

However, some proprietors can become a bit blind to local information, especially when they own many of them or live in the same area. As you continue presenting your property, try to remember and mention these facts about living in Inwood. This information could help turn a maybe into a yes.

Facts About Inwood Real Estate

The Inwood master plan began in the 1990s within Loop 1604. Unlike some of the other neighborhoods nearby, this area maintains a very natural and arbor-favoring environment. This gated community evokes the feeling of tucking yourself away into a small yet open forest and living in the peaceful quiet.

Community amenities include an olympic-sized swimming pool, a basketball court, and two well-lit tennis courts. Many streets and small roads contain bike lanes for a wider range of physical activity among nature. The street lights in this community ensure that tenants can exercise in the evening as well.

As of January 2023, homes in Inwood go for a median price of $776,000, with no properties available below $617,000. Previous rental records show monthly payments of around $3,010, much higher than some other nearby neighborhoods. Currently, there are few to no publicly listed rentals available in Inwood’s subdivisions.

Properties in the area can accommodate single families that need between three to five bedrooms and about as many bathrooms. However, the Inwood market stays exceptionally tight, with many happy homeowners content to spend their lives in this green-themed community. 

Store, Street, and School Details

Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and H-E-B sit within five miles of the neighborhood area. The closest shopping center, Northwoods Shopping Center Phase II, is within six miles. Tenants won’t have to go very far to meet their daily needs or pick up new items.

Aside from the amenities in the community, they’ll also have access to places like AIRTOPIA Adventure Park and Regal Northwoods movie theater. Six Flags Fiesta Texas sits further west at a little more than six miles away. While community members have to travel slightly longer for more excitement, this modest bit of isolation means there’s less eastward traffic.

Inwood sits within Loop 1604 near W Bitters St and Huebner Rd, giving the community more commute options. When traffic backs up on the loop, they can easily travel down to FM 1535 and Wurzbach Pkwy. The various road options means tenants will have more than one way to get to their destination.

Residents in Inwood either go to Northside Independent School District or North East Independent School District depending on the home’s placement. The closest elementary school, Blattman Elementary, boasts above average test scores and student progress. The middle schools leave some to be desired, so you may lightly suggest that tenants invest in tutoring.

Health Careers High School and O’Connor High return to greatness with high levels of college readiness. Kids focusing on medical studies and preparation would benefit greatly from attending Health Careers High. However, parents should ensure they won’t need to take remedial classes in college due to the heavy healthcare focus in high school.

Travel Ease Around Inwood

Since Inwood is a small gated community with luxury and arbor green as its themes, tenants won’t need to worry about neighborhood travel. Whether on foot, bike, or scooter, they can easily get to most places within the community area. The bike and walk trails make movement that much easier without using a car.

Outside of the neighborhood, those who need it can take the bus to shops and stores without spending gas. The vast amount of roads available also means tenants can try different routes to the same area. A backup on Loop 1604 can slow them down, but it won’t be able to stop them.

The street availability works out for the best, since Loop 1604 backs up heavily on Tuesdays through Fridays from 3:40 to 5:50 PM. Nearby, Wurzbach Pkwy typically remains much less traffic-clogged. Huebner Rd can also take them to I-10 if they can’t make it to the loop.

How You Can Manage Inwood Properties

It takes a lot of work to manage a rental in any neighborhood, but especially ones in gated communities. Inwood gives potential tenants an opportunity at experiencing luxury and they will request more from you in turn.

You can exceed their expectations without putting in the effort all by yourself. Peace of Mind Property Management can help you set up easy rent payments, service requests, and more. While investments take hard work, you don’t have to work harder than you need to with us on your side.

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