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Renting Your Home in Deerfield

Wealthy communities in San Antonio, including Deerfield, require more effort and attention to detail from property owners and landlords. Tenants tend to have a more discerning eye, putting potential proprietors under more scrutiny than in some other areas. When you meet and exceed customer standards, you increase the demand for your property.

A great way to boost your rental’s popularity includes having detailed local knowledge. This information can give you the opportunity to add that extra spark to home walkthroughs and virtual appointments. As such, you should try to keep these Deerfield details in mind for your next meeting.

What Real Estate in Deerfield Looks Like

Sitting right across from Inwood, another luxurious and popular gated community, Deerfield hosts many subdivisions with beautiful homes. Construction began on most of the homes in the area in the mid-1980s, but some began in the early 2000s as well. Some community names include The Park at Deerfield, The Waters at Deerfield, and The Reserve at Deerfield.

While the subdivisions aren’t in a gated community, Deerfield Patrol keeps watch over the area 24/7. Neighborhood amenities include a public playground and park, two tennis courts, a walking trail, and more. Because of the safety and proximity to nearby shops and entertainment, many homeowners that purchase in Deerfield stay there.

As of January 2023, homes in Deerfield cost around $556,000, rarely ever getting into the millions. The highest houses on the Deerfield market sell for around $770,000, and prices rarely drop below $425,000. Two public rentals in this area list for $3,500 and $4,150 on four-bedroom homes, though historically, rent would cost about $2,222.

Large families can find themselves at home in this area due to the kid-friendly nature of the community. Few homes go up for rent or sale in Deerfield anymore, so your property will certainly be an amazing opportunity for someone.

Access to Stores, Streets, and Schools

Restaurants like Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse and Eddie V's Prime Seafood sit right up the road on Loop 1604. For daily necessities, tenants only need to go less than three miles north for Whole Foods Market, H-E-B and more. Places like Main Event San Antonio and Kohl’s only take a 10 to 15 minute drive.

The closest streets are Loop 1604, Huebner Rd, and W Bitters Rd, giving neighborhood members a lot of access to different routes. Because the loop can back up often during the weekdays, tenants can choose other roads for transport. Most of them will drive on Huebner or Blanco Rd while leaving or entering their neighborhood.

Deerfield sits in the North East Independent School District, giving students access to high quality education. Hidden Forest Elementary School boasts above average test scores, student progress, and equity. They do their best to ensure that all students, regardless of their circumstances, get the attention they need to succeed.

That being said, Bradley Middle School and Churchill High School might leave students and parents wanting more out of their education. Above Loop 1604, Reagan High School tends to meet and exceed testing and college readiness expectations. Tenants will need to pay close attention to the school zoning to determine their options.

How Easy Is Travel Around Deerfield?

Deerfield roads tend to be clear and safe because of the patrol and good-natured neighbors. While some of the smaller subdivisions must travel on Huebner Rd to get out of the neighborhood, once there, the world is their oyster. They can head north to Loop 1604, or south to Deer Crest or W Bitters Rd and navigate through the backstreets.

They may occasionally need to do so because of the high traffic on Loop 1604 during the weekdays. While weekends and Mondays tend to be somewhat clear throughout the day, it piles up on the mornings and evenings for the work and home rush. Tenants may want to set their GPS to avoid highways after 2:30 PM until about 5:50 PM. 

Teenagers who can’t drive yet but want to have fun can use the bus route that travels to nearby shopping centers. If parents prefer them to stay around home, the walking routes and parks give them plenty of spots to hang out. While tenants can’t walk to a large store very easily from Deerfield, you can still get where you need to go in the right vehicle.

A Way You Can Manage Your Deerfield Rental

As the owner of a much-desired Deerfield property for rent, you’d likely want to put your best foot forward when managing it. A beautiful home becomes much happier when the landlord and renter are on the same page. An efficient system can help foster clear communication and prevent unnecessary tension.

Peace of Mind Property Management has the resources you need for a successful and secure investment. From legal assistance to a rent system, we can help you fill your property and keep it occupied.

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