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Is the Market Crashing?

Is the Market Crashing?

Is there truth about the housing bubble? 

We've heard some news about the housing market's gloom and doom, crash, and the bubble popping. Today I'll respond to this topic and explain what's going on.

Firstly, nobody can predict the market, including me. Instead of worrying about these talks of doomsday, recession, and depression, you should focus on historical data. The last real estate recession was in 2007. I can't tell you for certain if any of the doom and gloom about the market will come to pass, but you should move forward with your real estate plans depending on your situation. Buy, sell, or rent out a property if you think that's the best decision for you. 

Worried about a real estate market crash? Here’s the truth about it.

Many people stopped buying houses in 2012 because they thought home prices were too high, but had they bought then, they would have had a significant amount of equity for their home now. I was concerned about a housing crash two years ago, but the pandemic happened, and home values appreciated. 

You can't predict the market. My best advice is to have a diversified portfolio of properties that will help keep you wealthier in the long run. Don't let your judgment be influenced too much by unconfirmed and alarming news. Do what you would do in a normal market. 

If you need more details about the so-called market crash or have any real estate concerns, don't hesitate to call or email me. I'll be happy to help!

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