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Is Crypto or Real Estate a Better Investment?

Is Crypto or Real Estate a Better Investment?

Here’s why I think real estate is a much better investment than crypto. 

The cryptocurrency market is going crazy these days, and a lot of investors are asking themselves if they should put their money into Bitcoin or a hard asset like real estate. I’ve worked with rental properties for a long time, and I think they're two completely different types of assets.

Crypto is an extremely high-risk, high-reward investment. You could become a millionaire tomorrow, or you could lose all of your hard-earned money in an instant. It’s driven by speculation, which doesn’t make it the safest investment. 

They're two completely different types of assets. 

I don’t know much about crypto, but I do know a lot about rental properties and the benefits of investing in real estate. I think rental properties will stay the course. If you look at real estate values, they rarely depreciate here in San Antonio. Values dipped slightly in 2007, but every other year this century we’ve seen positive growth. Last year, we had major appreciation, and we think values are going to steadily increase.

The key with rental properties is cash flow. If you can charge a good rent, you’ll be able to cover your property taxes, mortgage payments, and maintenance costs while also putting cash in your pocket. Real estate is a much more stable, steady investment than crypto.

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