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How Do We Handle Maintenance Calls?

How Do We Handle Maintenance Calls?

Here’s how self-managing property owners should handle maintenance calls.

If you’re self-managing a property, today you'll learn the best practices for handling maintenance calls. For a big company like us, we do things a lot differently. We have many systems in place to make sure things get done.

If you don’t have a big team like ours, here’s how you should handle maintenance calls:

1. Respond promptly. It’s very important to respond to your tenant as soon as possible. Not only do you want to keep them happy, but you also want to take care of them. It is your duty to keep the home in good working order for your tenant.

2. You need to get somebody there. In this case, you want to hire a contractor who’s very capable of doing the job and getting it done quickly.

It’s your duty to keep your property in good, working order.

3. Establish what is and isn’t an emergency. A broken A/C on a 110-degree day is an emergency. If it’s 75 degrees out and it breaks, it probably isn’t. Make sure you're answering every call so you can make that determination for yourself.

It’s very critical to handle maintenance issues with speediness and professionalism. If you have any questions for me about this topic or anything else related to property management, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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