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We’re Stepping Up Our Game With Automation

Property management is becoming more automated to stay competitive.  

“Will property management ever become automated?” It may seem crazy that property management could become fully automatic, but the truth is that it is already very close. . 

In the last 10 years, there has been a huge push to make property management more efficient, automatic, and effective. For example, there’s a software system called Meld that tons of property management companies use. When your tenants need a repair, this app will send out regular texts to them to keep them updated. It provides plenty of other services, and it isn’t the only software of its kind. This app is part of a wider trend within the industry.

"Property management companies everywhere are thinking outside the box."

This change has forced property management companies to evolve. For example, we’ve hired remote workers to answer our phones. It may sound odd, but the easiest way to fail in property management is to not answer phone calls. When things get busy, my company needs those extra employees to make sure every call is answered. 

Property management companies everywhere are thinking outside the box to provide high customer service and stay competitive. Automation and extra staff are just a small part of this process. 

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