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Renting Your Home in New Braunfels

A few factors go into renting out your home in New Braunfels. One of them is whether or not your property is even in a popular spot, which you don’t have to question with this city. This beautiful, open city exudes potential and has been attracting more people with time.

To successfully market your rental home, you need to know factors about the city and nearby necessities. Note which real estate trends rule the local market, the availability of schools, streets, and stores, and how easy it is to travel nearby. From this information, you can make reasonable marketing and rental rate decisions.

Here’s what makes New Braunfels such a great area for home rentals!

New Braunfels Real Estate Stats To Know

New Braunfels is part of the Greater San Antonio area, just northeast of the city, accessible by Interstate 35. As of July 2022, median real estate rates in New Braunfels are about $450,000, with some homes around $280,000 with others shooting into the millions. Average rental prices in New Braunfels range between $1,700 and $2,700, with proximity to amenities and internal upgrades factoring into them.

The city has been attracting many new residents and increasing the area's income, hiking up real estate prices. Spreading New Braunfels’ German flair, construction workers refurbished and started building new neighborhoods in the early 2000s, which has yet to slow down. Some housing projects began this year with the ambitious goal of providing 6,000 new homes for interested buyers and renters.

Access to Stores, Streets, and Schools

While New Braunfels is close to San Antonio, the city stands on its own for its amenities. I-35 and Loop 337 provide major transportation to shopping centers and major-brand stores like Buc-ee’s, Home Depot, and H-E-B, all within about 7 miles of each other. Restaurants, specialty stores, and museums line the two highways and pepper nearby roads.

Instead of traveling to San Antonio, New Braunfels residents can visit the Schlitterbahn centered between Loop 337 and I-35. For a day in nature, consider Panther Canyon Nature Trail, or for smaller trails and entertainment for children, try Fischer Park.

New Braunfels elementary schools boast above-average test scores, though the public middle and high schools rate about average. NBISD has a roughly 97% graduation rate from high school, though you may suggest looking into private schools for college readiness. Many graduates go on to attend Texas A&M University.

Streetwise, tenants will likely alternate between I-35 and Loop 337. Landa St., Common St, and S. Seguin Ave. bisect the highways and connect the center with major streets to ease any possible congestion. As of June 2022, the city has progressed through several waterline upgrades that slow traffic on a few side roads off of I-35 into nearby neighborhoods.

However, they should finish most construction projects by November 2022. They have marked construction lanes and provide detours to ease traffic tension in the meantime.

Travel Ease in New Braunfels

Traffic into San Antonio through New Braunfels tends to slow to about 25 minutes from the border to the inner city. The slowdown is likely due to the high number of telecommuters from the suburb to the metropolis. However, returning to New Braunfels is much easier than leaving, and heading north towards Austin gives you more leeway.

Many open spaces within the city and between neighborhoods allow for sideroad travels as a great backup plan. While areas near schools and major grocery stores slow during peak hours, they do not often result in constant stopping.

The city has been adjusting to the new influx of people and has added more traffic lights and sidewalk accommodations since 2020. Their inner-city traffic conditions have consistently improved since then. As adjustments continue, many New Braunfelsians consider starting their morning travels earlier.

How To Manage Your New Braunfels Rental Home

You become a more reliable landlord when you know your rental property's city, but managing your properties requires legal prowess. Good reputations with your tenants can sour quickly if you don’t know what to do. 

First-time and experienced New Braunfels landlords rely on property management companies to help keep positive relationships and protect their investments. Peace of Mind Property Management can work with you and provide support, from payments to rental analyses. You can rely on us to have your back and protect your property.

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