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Renting Your Home in Leon Springs

If you are looking for your next rental property in Texas, right now is a perfect time to rent your house in Leon Springs, San Antonio. This unincorporated community has historical relevance and growing housing potential as more people seek something outside the city. Still, possible tenants will want to know what Leon Springs is like.

To ensure you get the right people for your rental property, tell them pertinent information about the town. One of the best ways to do this is to have real estate trends, school, street, and store availability, and ease of travel data on hand. You can help yourself make wiser decisions about where you want to own property and help tenants learn where they want to live.

Peace of Mind Property Management will tell you more about Leon Springs, San Antonio so you can have a head start!

Leon Springs Real Estate Stats for You

Leon Springs is a town on the northwest border of San Antonio, right above and partially intermingled with the Dominion. It is an unincorporated community and does not have its own post office, so current residents rely on UPS or nearby postal services. It is officially mostly a part of San Antonio without a separate governing system.

As of June 2022, median real estate prices in Leon Springs are between $450,000 to $540,000, which is more expensive than 81% of neighborhoods in the state. Average rental prices currently sit between $1,800 and $2,500. Both ranges are attributable to the general price of around $180 per square inch of the property and the prevalence of single, gated homes.

Because of the little town’s proximity to the Dominion, many wealthy homeowners sought to build homes without HOAs. The influx of money has increased Leon Springs’ development, with more homes built in smaller neighborhoods lining Interstate 10 around the early 2000s. Real estate agents have also been refurbishing older homes and selling them for reduced prices.

Access to Stores, Streets, and Schools

Leon Springs residents have the same access to amenities that the Dominion community does with just one or two extra miles tacked on. Local stores include H-E-B, UPS, and several cantinas and restaurants. Further south, they can visit Target, The Rim shopping complex, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, within roughly 6 miles.

Because Leon Springs has several historical sites, many of their Dominion neighbors visit to have fun. Many visit Leon Springs Dance Hall, local restaurants, and nature parks for a less expensive but equally entertaining day or night out.

Although the community is popular with empty nesters, Leon Springs students can attend schools within the Northside Independent School District. They also have schools named after the town, including Leon Springs Elementary School, which boasts above-average test scores and student progress. TMI Episcopal, open to students in the Dominion, also allows Leon Springs attendees to board there.

Leon Springs sits right on I-10 and Frontage Rd, making it their most used highway for transport. After completing improvements in the area in early 2021, the already low amounts of traffic lowered further, which reduced accident likeliness and improved the speed of travel to downtown San Antonio. Most other roads are within neighborhoods or back roads without as much traffic.

Travel Ease in Leon Springs

Streets in the historic town barely clog. The most traffic Leon Springers see is on Frontage Rd near the schools and restaurants. However, reports indicate they see less traffic than other people in San Antonio, and the rushes are barely there.

Unless an accident covers the road, most travel will be easy sailing. Access to such a large highway also gives commuters reassurance they can get to work on time. However, many current residents working in downtown San Antonio tend to leave home earlier just to beat the rush as they get closer.

As of June 2022, there are no major construction projects on or near I-10.

Using a Property Management Company to Manage Your Leon Springs Home

We hope this information serves you well when advertising your property in Leon Springs. Giving potential tenants good information about the location boosts leasing possibilities. However, that’s only the beginning of the job, since now you need to manage their home, ensure they pay rent, and other necessities.

Peace of Mind Property Management specializes in protecting landlords, satisfying tenants, and fostering positive relationships. We help first-timers and experienced San Antonio landlords make the decisions they need to build their portfolios and work as peacefully as they can.

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